Free Unified Communication Autodialer

ICTDialer is a unified communication autodialer and telemarketing application. Supporting bulk SMS messaging as well as Fax blasting and Voice broadcasting.

Open source Voice Broadcasting Software

ICTDialer is completely free and open source voice broadcasting solution. Voice broadcast is used in marketing different business products, services and offers. Voice broadcast marketing can produce a better response as compared to email or direct mail. But when voice broadcast softwares have their own cost associated, that limits small and medium organization to use them. There comes the need for an open source auto dialer that can not only provide the benefit of a scalable voice broadcasting but its overall cost is negligible too. ICTDialer meets the need for such medium and small organization.

Free and Open source IVR Designer

ICTDialer is bundled with web based IVR designer that is capable to design your own IVR with ease of drag and drop feature. Now design your own IVR without any limitation and let ICTDialer play these IVR to your customers. IVR can be used to create surveys that can have multiple option menu based on user's answer and then record the answers. Reporting side for the surveys is still under development. However little customizations can be made to query and store results in to the database and show the total votes of survey in a list.

Scalable to thousands of concurrent channel

ICTDialer is scalable to blast thousand of concurrent channels enabling you to convey your message to millions of people around the globe within reasonable time.

Contacts Management

ICTDialer has excellent contact management and filtering system. You can categorize and manage contacts destination wise and filter duplicate and invalid contacts. You can import contacts from external files in csv format.

Importing Bulk Contacts from external files

ICTDialer support import and export contacts in CSV files. You don't need to bother entering individual contacts. Just import a CSV file containing your thousands of contact numbers and upload to contact management of ICTDialer.

Campaign Scheduling

You can schedule campaign to stop particular date time and also able to set days of weeks when campaign will run.