ICTDialer, Unified Free Auto Dialer Software, Voice FAX SMS Broadcasting application

ICTDIALER is an open source, unified auto dialer software . It is multi-tenant application with Voice, SMS and Fax broadcasting capabilities developed over re-known open source Content Management System Drupal and Freeswitch based powerful ICTCore Communication Framework.

It can be scaled to blast hundreds of simultaneous calls using either VoIP, FoIP or PSTN. ICTDialer capable to fit in many broadcasting and telemarketing scenarios. It empowers users with capabilities of Drupal CMS and ICTCore Communication Framework.

ICTDIALER Version 3.0 is a multi-tenant and multi-campaign application, It is flexible and provides a range of new features to the users.

  • A user can send thousands of concurrent messages,

  • Fax, emails, voice recordings to not only groups of contacts, but also a single contact.

  • Campaigns can be utilized for sending these messages in bulk form and prove useful for sending messages to a large number of people

  • Transmission the new feature can be used to send the message to only one contact.

  • The same SMS, Email template, Fax and Voice message can be used in Campaigns and Transmissions.

  • This new version has an improved illustrative Dashboard, all the statistics are displayed on the front page. With enhanced GUI,

  • A user can add the data with in minutes and use the software.

  • Better theme is introduced, in fact it offers two themes now, the look and feel of new version is totally different, it provides various layouts and side bar design that can be changed according to your choice.

    View a list of features offered by ICT DIALER application.


Voice Broadcasting

Supports Multiple Campaigns

Advance Contacts Management

Voice Recording Portal

Telecasting to single contact

Fax Blasting

Provides Bulk Faxing

T.38 Support and G.711 Support

Multi-Campaign Support

Transmission Support

Telecasting to a particular contact

Bulk SMS

It is Scalable

SMPP Provider Supported

Bulk Messaging

Transmission support

Sending SMS to one contact only

E-Mail Broadcasting

Bulk Email Broadcasting


Multiple Campaigns

Email support for a unique contact

Agent Campaign

Rest APIs

Custom Caller-ID


CRM Integration


Commercial Support

If you do not posses Linux / Voip expertise to install and setup ICTDialer or you are busy , We can help you in installation , configuration and testing to make sure ICTDialer setup is functional and tested also we will offer one week support services after installation with our installation package , Below are Installation package and 3 hours support services packages links , for custom projects and development work , please contact us

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ICT Dialer & ICT Broadcast

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Become Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP)

How to become Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) with a Voip provider / telecom carrier and ICTBRoadcast software


ICTDialer application is developed and promoted by ICT Innovations based in Pakistan.Our team has in-depth professional experience in broadcasting and telemarketing technologies.

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