ICTDialer, A Free and Open Source Unified Communications Auto Dialer Software

Users have reported various compatibility issues related to Plivo framework and We are working to replace it with ICTCore ( a new communication framework under development by ICT Innovations ) Therefore It is recommended not to use ICTDialer till next release. As an alternate, click here for free version of ICTBroadcast

ICTDialer is free and open source Unified Communications marketing Software. ICTDialer is multi-tenant with Voice, SMS & Fax broadcasting capabilities developed over re-known open source Content Management System Drupal and Freeswitch based powerful Plivo Communication Framework . It can be scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using either VoIP, Foip or PSTN. ICTDialer capable to fit in many broadcasting and telemarketing scenarios. It empowers user with capabilities of Drupal CMS and Plivo Communication Framework

Open source IVR Designer

ICTDialer also bundles with an Open source IVR Designer. It's interactive IVR Designer allows you to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create voice response applications in a web browser. Toolbar of IVR Designer contains various applications including Play audio, Play TTS, Get Digit, Options menu, Call Record and Call Transfer.

ICTDialer is developed and promoted by ICT Innovations with in-depth professional experience in broadcasting and telemarketing technologies

Voice Broadcast

SMS Broadcast

Fax Broadcast

Scalable, Multiple Campaigns support, Advance Contact Management, Web based IVRDesigner, Voice Prompts uploading through web interface,

scalable, SMPP support, direct access to SMS Provider Gateway, Custom CallerID and Name, Bulk Messaging,

Bulk Faxing, T.38 Support, Switch over to G.711 support

Commercial Support

Below are list of commercial support services for ICTDialer. If you would like to have your company added to this list, please Contact Us with a short description of your services.

Introduction to broadcasting Technologies & Terms.


Cold Calling

Direct Marketing

Bulk Messaging

Unified Communications

Mass Communications

Mass marketing

Autodialer Alarm

Voice Broadcasting




ICTDialer is developed and promoted by ICT Innovations with in-depth professional experience in broadcasting and telemarketing technologies